Eyelid Inflammations

DEFINITION:  It is the inflammation of the eyelid skin, base of the eyelashes, or soft tissue under the skin due to bacterial viruses or parasites.     

Hordeolum: It is the inflammation of the gland at the base of the eyelashes or auxiliary lacrimal glands. A painful protuberance and redness and sometimes abscesses are observed. In cases where the clinical picture is chronic, a bulk in the form of a painless hard mass remains in the eyelid (chalazion).Treatment is made via antibiotic drops and pomades chosen according to the cause.

Figure 1. Chalazion appearance on the upper eyelid.

Blepharitis: It is the inflammation around the eyelashes or in the sebaceous glands near the eyelashes. It is characterized by irritation, dryness, redness and sensitivity in the eye. If it remains for a long time, it may cause inversion of the eyelashes and deformation in the eyelid. Antibiotics and artificial tears are used for treatment if necessary.

CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS: Most eyelid inflammations stem from bacterial reasons, although it may sometimes be caused by sensitivity to the substances secreted, not the bacteria themselves. Stiff or inadequate secretion of the patient may also be the cause. 

Figure 2. Posterior (left) and anterior (right) blepharitis appearance of eyelids.

FINDINGS: One or more of the following findings may be observed: redness and stinging in the eye, protuberance and thickening in the eyelid, loss, inversion or crusting in eyelashes, and vaporization of tears.