Ectropion (Eversion of the Eyelids)

DEFINITION: It is the eversion of the eyelids due to congenital reasons or reasons emerging later.

CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS: Ectropion may be caused by slackening of tissues due to aging, irregularities in facial palsy and wound healing, and overloading on the eyelids due to masses.

Figure 1. Preoperative (left) and postoperative (right) appearance of a patient operated with the diagnosis of senile lower lid ectropion at our hospital

FINDINGS: Deformation and slackening tissues in the eyelids immediately draw attention. The dysfunctional eyelid causes eye dryness, and sometimes, loss of vision. 

DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis is made when the eyelid everts and when eyelid conjunctivitis becomes red and recognizable.

TREATMENT: This disease can be treated by surgery, but the type of surgery depends on the cause. If internal and external tissues slacken, stabilization and suspension are carried out respectively; if the eyelid is deformed, surgery also including the muscles is performed.