Entropion (Inversion of the Eyelids)

DEFINITION: It is the inversion of the eyelid congenitally or later in life.

CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS: It may occur congenitally or due to an irregularity in the recovery of a wound in the eyelid or due to slackening of tissues because of advanced age.

Figure 1. Preoperative (left) and postoperative (right) appearance of a patient operated with the diagnosis of senile lower lid entropion at our hospital

FINDINGS: Once the eyelid turns inside, the eyelashes start to sting the eye. This may cause sudden loss of vision. Watering and redness may cause damage to the transparent layer.

DIAGNOSIS: Apart from the apparent deformation, an infection at the same point and a bulk in the eyelid may be detected when the eyelashes start to sting.

TREATMENT: Treatment is surgery aimed at the cause. The deformation in the eyelid is eliminated by fixing the slackened tissues and eyelid muscles or by using graft tissues.