Microbial Conjunctivitis

DEFINITION: It is the inflammation of the membrane (conjunctiva) covering the surface of the eye and interior of the eyelids.

SYMPTOMS AND FINDINGS: It causes redness, stinging, irritation, and blurring in the eye.

Figure 1. Slit-lamp photograph of bacterial (left) and viral (right) conjunctivitis.

CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS: Conjunctivitis can be infected directly by eye secretion or indirectly by air. Infection becomes easier through close contacts like hand-shaking and hugging or by common-use objects such as towels, telephones, and swimming pool. Low personal hygiene, systemic diseases, use of contact lenses, and other cases where immunity is damaged are among the factors that simplify catching the disease.

AUXILIARY INVESTIGATIONS AND DIAGNOSIS: Diagnosis can easily be made through biomicroscopic examination depending on the nature of secretion and conjunctival involvement.

TREATMENT: 7-10-day topical treatments are administered with antimicrobial agents (antibiotics) of an appropriate spectrum.