Lachrymal Duct Obstruction

DEFINITION: It is the congenital or acquired obstruction in any region of lachrymal drainage system.

Figure 1. Nasolacrimal system anatomy (left), appearance of a patient diagnosed with lacrimal sac abscess secondary to delayed treatment and prolonged infection

CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS: It may be congenital or caused by trauma, infection, and functional obstruction due to long-term irritation.

DIAGNOSIS: Lacrimal duct lavage, jones tests, and duct scintigraphy may be required along with physical examination.

Figure 2. A demonstration of external dacryocystorhinostomy (left), appearance of bicanalicular silicone intubation tube postoperatively (right).

TREATMENT: With the treatment of the infection, the main treatment is surgery. Lacrimal duct surgery can be made under local or general anesthesia. Also, laser dacriocistorinostomy is a newly-developed method not accepted for all cases.