Allergic Conjunctivitis

DEFINITION: It is the allergic inflammation of the membrane covering the surface of the eye and the interior part of the eyelids (conjunctiva).

SYMPTOMS AND FINDINGS: It causes itching, redness, irritation, and watering in the eye.

Fifure 1. Anterior segment appearance of a patient diagnosed with allergic conjunctivitis (left), with formation of giant papillae (right).
CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS: It may develop due to allergic reactions caused by grass or tree pollen seasonally or house dust in each period. It is not contagious.

AUXILIARY INVESTIGATIONS AND DIAGNOSIS: Diagnosis can be made easily in biomicroscopic examination according to the nature of secretion and conjunctival involvement.

TREATMENT: In general, topical (drops) anti-allergic (antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers, steroids, etc.) treatments are sufficient; in some severe cases, however, topical treatments can be supplemented by systemic treatments.