Photodynamic Treatment

Photodynamic treatment is a laser treatment method developed to destroy the abnormal vessels forming because of the choroid layer which is rich in vessels that enables the retina to be fed and causes a serious loss of vision due to wet type age-related macular degeneration. 

Photodynamic dynamic treatment is an ambulatory operation. First, a special  dye sensitive to laser light is administered through a vein in the arm slowly for ten minutes. Later, this dye collected in the new abnormal vessels is activated by laser beams. The dye receiving the laser beam starts coagulation in the vessels and enables these vessels to be closed over time. If abnormal vessels are found to be active in follow-up fundus, the same method is repeated.

The treatment does not bring back lost vision, but it allows vision to remain at its current level without deterioration for a long time. If necessary, it may be applied to both eyes at the same time. The operation does not cause any pain. The treated patients should not be exposed to intense light for three days and should use special glasses to protect the eyes from environmental light.

Today intraocular medication injections (anti-VEGF) that are widely used and both protect and increase vision have replaced photodynamic treatment, which is only used in some rare cases.