Diagnostic Tests


This is an examination method made to evaluate the retina, intraocular veins, macula and optic nerve using an opthalmoscope. It is necesssary to enlarge the pupils with drops to apply a thorough retinal examination.

Retinal examination may be by direct or indirect opthalmoscopy methods.

The most often used method is direct opthalmoscopy for which a direct opthalmoscope is used, which features lenses and a light source. By approaching the patient’s eye, it is possible to evaluate the internal eye structures. Indirect opthalmoscopy is used when a more advanced evaluation is required. In this examination, the lighted device is attached to the opthalmologist’s head and using a lens it is possible for evaluation to be made over a wider area of the retina and at the end points.

Figure 1. Direct ophthalmoscopy (left), ,ndirect ophthalmoscopy (middle) and slit lamp biomicroscopy (right).