Diagnostic Tests


An examination method made by biomicroscope. As a basic examination tool in eye examminations, a microscope and light source are found on the biomicroscope.

The patient rests theit chin and forehead on the frame. By looking through the ocular section of the microscope, the doctor examines the external structures of the eye, the base of the eyelashes, the inside of the eyelid, the tear layer and the corneal surface. It is also possible to examine the layers of the cornea, the depth and content of the anterior chamber, the iris, pupil, lens and as far as the vitreus. To determine ulceration on the eye surface and epithelial defects, fluorescein dye may be dropped into the eye. Additional apparatus can be added to make different examinations.

It is used in the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma with functions such as the evaluation of anterior chamber angulation structures by attaching different lenses and after dropping an anaesthetic substance into the eye, the eye internal pressure can be measured with applanation tonometry. The cleaning of foreign bodies stuck to the surface of the eye is also made with the device. With the help of different lenses, the retina, vitreus and optic nerve are evaluated. The eye can be photographed with the camera mounted on it.