History Of The Hospital

Having completed specialist education in eye diseases, Dr Remzi Avci spent 1991-92 abroad studying ‘retina- macula- vitreous diseases and surgery’before returning to Turkey to Uludağ University Medical Faculty, Opthalmology Department. After nearly 20 years tenure in the faculty and establishing the ‘Vitreoretinal Surgery’ branch in the clinic, Prof Dr Remzi Avci, as a Pioneer in developments,  founded the Dr Remzi Avci Private Heathcare Services Limited company in 2003 together with Assoc. Prof Dr Berrin Avci in 2003. 

This company then became Bursa Retina Eye Centre with the statutory approval of the Ministry of Health. First established as a ‘branch centre’, in 2009 it became a ‘surgical branch centre’ with clinic services in addition to the polyclinics, meaning that patients could be admitted for in-patient surgery. As a surgical centre of the Ministry of Heath, there were some limitations as to the types of surgery permitted, so in 2012, the title of Retina Eye Hospital was adopted. 

The general aim of this institution is to provide treatment for all branches of eye diseases, primarily Retina-Macula-Vitreous diseases and surgical treatments. In addition, it is an aim to contribute to professional development by planning post-specialist training and education through clinical studies and especially on the subject of Retina-Macula-Vitreous Diseases and Surgery. Thus, our hospital has become a healthcare institution staffed by physicians who have reached the highest point of understanding of the eye and eye diseases through technology and accumulated knowledge particularly in respect of retina diseases.